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Speaker Panel

Hanno Zeeman, Marketing Platform Product Owner, First National Bank

Michael Mouire, Head of Data and Analytics, Ryanair

Richard Perkins, Director, IMS

Pete Szabo, Director, IMS

Marc Stowe, SA Country Lead, IMS


Mark Smallman, Adobe Moderator

The world we live in has spent the last while with a razor focus on shifting just about everything that moves into 'The Cloud'. At the same time the onus placed on businesses to protect and safeguard their customer's data has never been greater, whether through privacy legislation like GDPR and POPI, or whether through corporate led responsibility exercises.  


This creates a dilemma for Digital Engagement professionals. 'How do we engage with customers and keep our business relevant while also ensuring, without reproach, that our customer's data is absolutely secure?'.  


What would you say knowing that Adobe Campaign has an On-Premise Hybrid that keeps your customer data in your own data center while harnessing the execution power of a hosted scalable delivery engine? 

Join our VIP virtual roundtable to hear about:  

  • How industry leading businesses trust Adobe Campaign to deliver for them 

  • embracing an on-premise digital engagement platform to boost digital adoption 

  • How customer experiences are orchestrated based on real-time transactional and behavioural data