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Speaker Panel

Advait Patil, Head of digital services -  Aviva


Selina Chang – Director of ecommerce & Loyalty, Levi’s Strauss Europe


Tom Edmondson, Insights Director, IMS Insights


Ian Daniels,  Strategy Director, IMS insights


Adobe Moderator

More than ever, digital data collection, analysis and activation needs to evolve to keep pace with emerging trends across the regulatory, advertising and technology landscape. This makes a solid data strategy and governance process even more important. With the impending demise of the 3rd party cookie and rise of regional privacy regulations, it is imperative for businesses to develop their data strategy and governess processes to be performant yet compliant across all customer journeys.


Hear how brands, vendors and consultancy partners are addressing these emerging trends and what actions they are taking across their organisations that can help you navigate these topics and plan for the changes that are coming.

Join our virtual roundtable to find out: 

  • How to plan for the loss of third-party cookies and prepare your organisation

  • How can digital data, CRM and loyalty work together to deliver on the operational imperative of first party data

  • How these changes and regulations are affecting marketing technology and what to look out for