Data Solutions


Single Customer View Data Solutions
IMS’ expertise in a wide variety of industries data enables us to build accurate, efficient and relevant Single Customer View data solutions that will generate customer insight to drive optimal customer contact strategies through understanding a customer’s full relationship and interaction with a client organisation.

We build a wide range of database solutions for our clients from project specific data marts to enterprise wide customer data warehouses. Our design philosophy and rapid development methodology provides our clients with scalable data solutions that keep pace with their changing business priorities and needs.

Our understanding of all types of customer data, enables us to design and build optimal data models at the heart of our database solutions to drive customer analytics and communications.

Data Strategy Consultancy
We can help your organisation formulate a data strategy to help drive your business forward and leverage your investment in your vitally important customer data assets. We can help you to review and improve the quality of customer data and its related processes and technologies within your organisation.