Customer Strategy

The aim of our customer strategy consultants is to deliver understanding – of your customers and how they interact with or react to your brand or brands – so that you can enhance their experience of those brands in the future.

How do customers truly engage with your brand?

By applying the insights gained from analysis and research, our experienced strategy consultants help clients to optimise their above and below the line activity in order to meet their objectives.

Working closely with and complementing our services in areas such as data / analytical consulting and campaign management, and frequently in partnership with our clients’ marketing agencies, we can help you interpret and benefit from key information related to:

•  The customer life cycle
•  The customer journey
•  Customer touch points – be it through call centres, online, social media
•  Optimising communications programmes
•  Defining and engaging with your most profitable customer segments
•  Channel effectiveness
•  Loyalty programmes

Our consultancy helps clarify how to drive maximum value from your marketing strategy and budget. It ensures that communications are relevant to target groups. This goes beyond the message and style of communications, but extends in to the other factors that are critical to engagement in a world where people are bombarded with marketing messages – the right channel; the right offer; and the right timing. The team offers considerable experience of digital marketing, including social media, providing an in-depth rationale of why campaigns do and don’t work.

Even the best database and up-front analytics cannot overcome poorly conceived or targeted strategies and implementation. This is where our customer strategy team can operate as trusted advisor and ensure that you achieve maximum return on marketing investment.