Campaign Management

Today’s Marketers demand a solution that enables them to communicate with their customers with the most relevant message at the most optimal time. This requires a solution that is capable of delivering such high levels of personalisation that an individual customer or prospect can end up in a segment of one with unique offers and content being served to them compared to the rest of the customer universe. The solution must also be able to react to an inbound customer interaction in real-time and then either change the customer experience or send an outbound communication based on the behaviour that they have just exhibited at any one of your customer touchpoints but also to take into account their previous behaviour.

A campaign management platform also needs to be truly multi-channel and able to effectively utilise today’s digital channels, as well as more traditional channels such as direct mail and your contact centre. One of the challenges that Marketers face is how to deal with channel fragmentation whilst providing the customer with a consistent experience, offers and tone of voice, regardless of how they chose to interact with your organisation.

Any Campaign solution must sit on a Single Customer View (SCV) data source that contains; all existing customer product holdings with your business, all your analytical models used to target a customer with the most appropriate communication, a view of all Marketing and Service inbound and outbound contact history, contact preferences and suppression data.

Finally, a Campaign Management solution must be easy for business users to utilise without being programmers, so drag and drop user interfaces are essential, as is the ability to automated and co-ordinate all marketing processes within the solution.

At IMS we provide Campaign Management solutions that meet all of the above criteria and enable our clients implement their contact strategies, leveraging their data and analytical assets to provide a return on their investment in these key areas.