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Core teams

Data management and technology – Typically, one of the most undervalued assets in a company is its customer data. Unless this is in good shape, all efforts to improve the customer experience of your brand are likely to be compromised.

Analytical consulting – Turning raw data into actionable insights is an essential stepping stone in improving the effectiveness of marketing. With extensive experience developing analytics solutions for clients – whether that’s the development of customer segmentation, visitor intelligence, media effectiveness analysis, propensity modelling, social media analysis or design of business intelligence solutions – the team very quickly deliver actionable insights and added value for clients.

Customer strategy – Customer engagement is the bottom line. Our consultants, who typically have agency, consultancy and client side experience, help our clients really pinpoint those areas that are likely to contribute to more optimal marketing strategies. We work effectively with other specialist agencies, digital, direct or ATL, to deliver market leading solutions.